Benvenuti a Firenze!

Ciao! In case you have somehow missed me talking about it for the past year, I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy for the semester! I’m blogging about it so people can keep up with me easily, and also to just have a place to go back and remember my experiences in the future.

I arrived in Italy yesterday. I flew to New York alone and met up with a group of students there. We flew into Rome over night and then took a short flight to Florence, arriving around 4:10 pm. I was assigned roommates at the airport, and we split a taxi to the apartment. We don’t have air conditioning, which is a common scenario in Italy. I have one roommate and another flat mate, who has a single room. Our apartment is pretty nice and relatively spacious, thankfully. We unpacked and showered, which we desperately needed to do. We were so worn out that we just got pizza delivered. It was cheap and pretty good, so I can’t complain. Also, each pizza came with a free Pepsi!

I maybe slept for an hour or two on the plane, so I went to bed pretty early. Today, I had orientation, and then got to explore the city a bit. It’ll be a while before I feel confident maneuvering about the city, though. Between orientation and the tour, my flatmates and I went to a coffee shop down the street from my school, where I got a caffe latte (coffee and milk) and a ham, mayo, and tomato sandwich. We stood at the bar like real Italians (lol) because they charge you a little more to sit down. Also, a latte is usually just hot milk, so you have to say caffe latte.

These pictures were taken walking down the street. In the first, you can see the Duomo (amazing), and in the second you can see the Plaza Della Repubblica.
After the tour, I found my way back to my apartment and went shopping with my flatmates. They were looking for a phone store, which we found, but it was closed. As was the bank. A lot of places here close in the afternoon, sort of like a siesta. We decided to go to the supermarket to get groceries. The place looks so small from the front, but once you go in, it’s really big, just long and narrow. I forgot to weigh my bananas and get a sticker, so a nice girl behind me in the checkout line showed me how to do it. We got back to the apartment, put our stuff away, and I ate a banana and some hazelnut yogurt. Then we wandered around some more, and I bought some post cards.

We had a free dinner around 6 in the SACI garden with students and faculty. Lots of pasta! A group of us then got some gelato down the street (I got dark chocolate- it was amazing) and wandered around the streets of Florence. I got to see some of the major sites, like the Porcellino boar statue, and walked across the Ponte Vecchio. We just got back from that, and my feet just now started to feel sore! I can’t complain a bit.

My first gelato! Dark chocolate, which the owner said was his favorite. He served it with a tiny spoonful of lemon, because he said that’s the way he likes it. One girl in our group asked him which flavor was his favorite right when we walked in, and he said all of us girls were his favorite, and that each of us is different and has a different flavor. He was quite friendly! The shop is right down the street from SACI.

Some amazing street art done with chalk.

Sunset on the Arno River.

The Ponte Vecchio, the only bridge that survived WWII.

The other side of the Arno.


Some more pictures taken while walking.
So that’s what I’ve done so far! The weather is fairly hot and humid, but should improve soon. I hope you enjoy and keep reading this blog!

These are pictures of the garden at my school, Studio Art Centers International (SACI). I ate dinner sitting on those steps. It felt very European.


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